Proportion of flats under Married Child Priority Scheme cannot be increased, says MND

The Govt sets aside a substantial portion of flats– as high as 1/3 in regard to brand-new flats inside developed community– under the Married Child Priority Scheme, pointed out the Ministry of National Development in Parliament on Tue 27 Jul.

The ministry is aware of the value in regard to attending to the wishes in reference to married youngsters plus parents who yearn to reside with or around each other for dependent care as well as assistance.

” MCPS offers concern to family members securing all-new Housing and Development Board apartments to reside with or alongside their parents or married youngsters. Underneath the Married Child Priority Scheme, 30% pertaining to the brand new flat quantity in the seasoned estates is alloted for first timer family members. With regard to 2nd timer families, it’s 3percent,” it pointed out.

Apart from Married Child Priority Scheme, the Government has definitely similarly establish alternative schemes focused on supporting dependent care and back up within family units. All these include the Multi-Generation Priority Scheme, SPS as well as 3Gen flats.

Provence condominium

” In our minimal flat supply, we similarly need to meet the property desires of other categories of SGPreans, consisting of first-timer households with young children through the PPS, furthermore family units with 3 or even more children using the Third Child Priority Scheme,” pointed out MND.

” Hence, we will be incapable to raise the proportion of flats allocated within the MCPS at this juncture.”

On this, the ministry prompted flat buyers that want to stay with or near to their kids or father and mothers to take into consideration buying a second-hand apartment, and even avail of the Proximity Housing Grant of as much as $30,000.

The ministry prepared the statement in respond to MP Tin Pei Ling’s query on whether the percentage in regard to apartments within Married Child Priority Scheme could be stepped up for Build-To-Order properties in fully grown estates.

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